Master Drednasty

I am a 6ft 4in BBC in the UK (Liverpool) with an athletic build and long locs down my back.
I use this Tumbler to post for my followers but more importantly to fuck. So don't be shy cum get your pussy filled by my Big Black Cock.
I am here to provide all you cock worshiping sluts with what you crave... My thick, strong, black cock in your throat, up your ass and stretching your soaking wet cunts. So take your rightful place between my knees and enjoy.

Contact me directly if you're in the area. Kik: Drednasty69 My Email:

Standard Disclaimer: Other than my own writings, and unless otherwise noted, I make absolutely no claim of ownership of the images, all of which have been found on the internet and particularly on Tumblr. and are assumed to be in the public domain. I may occasionally resize images. Apologies in advance if I post images whose author(s) wish otherwise. Please contact me and I will either remove the image or give appropriate credit, whichever is preferred.
Plain and simple. Applaud #teamwhitegirl, and #teaminterracial for their love of #bigblackcock

Plain and simple. Applaud #teamwhitegirl, and #teaminterracial for their love of #bigblackcock

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